PAULA - I have been a part of the NICMAXX team for over 4 years. My previous experience in sales was with office equipment. I didn't feel that was right for me and was always searching for something. I needed to work with something more exciting that created more conversation and had a purpose. I have watched the E-Cig technology evolve into a reliable alternative that people are using everyday. My sales continue to grow as more consumers are being referred to NICMAXX by friends and family. At this point in the market the consumer is looking for the best taste and performance with an electronic cigarette. We have worked hard to provide that for our customers. I am blessed to have this opportunity to sell and change lives at the same time! This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this market develop and change the world one E-Cig at a time!

CHRISTINE - Our family started in the tobacco market nearly 60 years ago. My father had a very successful route offering differing tobacco products to stores throughout the Southern California area. He passed his business on to me and I have, for 20 years now worked and grown his business. I first saw the electronic cigarette come into the market and initially wasn’t sure if it would have “legs” or if my stores would embrace the product as at first, many of my tobacco stores thought it would hurt their core business-selling cigarettes, cigars etc. Well my stores started to buy brands of “e-cigs” and I thought I would carry a line. The first brand I offered was ok but just did not have many repeat sales. I was servicing one of my stores one day and met a NICMAXX Representative and he told me of the success he was having selling NICMAXX e-cigs to his stores and the amount of repeat sales he was having. A year later, NICMAXX is by far my top selling product and am thrilled at the clients reactions when they first try the product and I am very happy with the repeat sales and now referrals I am getting from my stores to other stores who also now carry NICAMXX!

GARY - “Once In A Lifetime”, “The Perfect Storm”, two clichés that I feel best describes what I am experiencing as an Independent Distributor marketing the NICMAXX product line here in Cleveland, Ohio. Starting to retail NICMAXX back in November, 2011 I realized I had a very special product in a very virgin marketplace, BUT I did not believe the success I would have in such a short period of time. Being in Sales and Marketing for over 40 years, I thought I saw and experienced it all….but for the first time in my life I am able to work directly with the incredible Co-Founders of NICMAXX, have a Customer Service Department second-to-none, and have the #1 Electronic Cigarette product line that has been proven to be the very best in this industry (just ask my retail stores). Now put that in front of a world-wide market that generated $721 Billion Dollars (Tobacco Sales)in 2010 and you have that perfect storm, and what I truly feel is a once in a lifetime opportunity for myself and my family. To generate a six-figure, growing income in less than a year, at the age of 62, says it all for me! Thank You NICMAXX!!!

GALE - “Hi, I’m Gale and represent NICMAXX in Florida. Since retired from the hospitality industry, I’ve enjoyed a comfortable income as a NICMAXX Distributor. Since 2009, we’ve laid the groundwork and developed the demand in Florida so I now have the largest NICMAXX single retail outlet in the state. If you have established routes in Florida and join our team, you can enjoy the amazing NICMAXX success!!!”

DAN - My wife Judy, and I were looking for a new product to carry when we found NICMAXX. After talking to Paula and Gary, and the whole NICMAXX family, we decided this was a excellent product and opportunity for our Independent Wholesale Distribution business. It was hard to believe the potential of NICMAXX at first, but we started with a handful of stores and have seen it grow and blossom, almost on it's own. References from one store to another, customers asking for the product, and contacting us directly to find out where they could purchase NICMAXX. We have even had customers recommend and convince their local store to carry it. Over the first three months our NICMAXX stores and sales have tripled, and we had a hard time keeping up with the growth and demand for the product. (Which is not a bad problem to have!) Sales have continued to increase every month since. I feel NICMAXX has positioned itself to become the top E-cigarette company in the industry. They offer an excellant opportunity for distributors to grow and profit wih the NICMAXX family. We are totally impressed with the product, the company, and all the help and interest we have recieved, from the CEO down, and would highly recommend NICMAXX to anyone interested in a new exciting product and a support team that truly want you to succeed.

STEVE - I have nearly 20 years of experience in distributing & marketing tobacco products. I'm a former Division Manager for Hawaii's largest tobacco selling Wholesale Distributor and a former Territory Manager for THE largest tobacco company in the world, what many call "Big Tobacco". Because of my knowledge & experience in the industry, I was recruited by inLife, LLC to be a possible Distributor & Regional Director for the Hawaiian Islands. I agreed but only after doing my own research on e-cigs. After trying every brand of e-cig locally available (and I sampled many) I came to the conclusion that, as a 30+ year smoker, e-cigs were not for me. The taste and “hit” didn’t satisfy me - UNTIL I tried NICMAXX. It blew me away! Many have followed since. First I asked my wife for her opinion (she can be brutally honest). She loved it. Then my family, relatives, friends, & neighbors who smoked. They too were blown away. I then decided to take it to retail stores and the rest is history. Smokers finally have THE best and smartest alternative to smoking harmful tobacco and my retailers love it too as NICMAXX generates the best return sales for them versus competitive e-cig brands. In fact, many of my stores now carry only NICMAXX. It truly is the best tasting, best hitting, most effective, reliable, & affordable e-cig available on the market. While other e-cig companies are more concerned with mass marketing an inferior product hoping for repeat purchases, NICMAXX just sells and sells and sells. I could not have made a better decision.

VINCE - worked for 13 years in the auto industry. In that time, I sold Honda, Acura, Lexus and Subaru. I've always attributed my success in sales to the quality of products I sold. If I didn't believe in it, I couldn't sell it. After 13 years and with many changes in the auto sales industry, I was BURNT! I knew I had to find a quality product that I could believe in, (other than cars.) I was introduced to inLife and the electronic cigarette in 09'. At that time the technology was still in it's infancy and the FDA was fighting to stop the sale of e-cigs, (fortunately they lost that fight.) so I didn't take the opportunity seriously. In 2011 I was re-introduced to inLife. The technology had advanced dramatically and inLife was on the cutting edge, producing an e-cig that actually delivered the sensation of smoking a real full flavored cigarette. At the time I was smoking/inhaling 2 to 3 Black & Mild cigars a day. After 3 days of using inLife's new NICMAXX E-Cig, I was no longer smoking, (and didn't miss it.) I had found the product I was going to sell. With no experience in the tobacco and or wholesale business, I built a route from scratch. I've retained over 90% of the accounts I've established and my sales have increased every month since I started. I love this product, I love this business and I'm making more money than I did in auto sales.